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Wake Up, Your Old Recipes or Create New Ones!

Ideas are Endless...

Holiday Feature  2018:

Buffalo and Ostrich Artisan Butter

whipped to zero gravity and beyond perfection. 











 We're only making  1,500 EA. Catch 'em while you can!!


  Smell the goodness...


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                                    selections, are made from scratch and infused with the ever popular

Kind Kingmen Signature Leaf - West Mohegan Red. Sativa

Feel lite with good cheer. Suppress munchies. So if you go back for a 3rd helping, you are just being greedy. 

Buz factor, long lasting and mellow. Creative agent, for next generation thinkers...

Anxiety calming.  Excellent for lite work or play.

900mg THC and 900mg CBD

1 serving spoon for easy dosage control.

Citing the lack of clinical research the FDA will not allow


or any other American base THC and CBD provider to  claim product

will diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Shipping to our old and  new friends in California, Colorado and Nevada.

Our selective taste BUDS are always invited to the table.

   All New 

                                                For Cooking or Table Top Service


Get 1/4 pound more every 1 lb ordered..  That's 25% more = 4 dose bonus !

                        Would you rather?                                                         Nah!

We rather cook...

Invite folks over, get happy and laugh out loud with friends...

Holidays are coming. PRE-ORDER yours NOW

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