Holistic Lab Institute

Bio-Research In Pursuit Of Disease Prevention.

 Farr Roots Holistic Lab is a group of Integrated Medical Professionals, Herbalists, Detox Masters, and Poop-ologist from opposite side of the hemisphere, converging on top of each other in the cities of Inglewood, and Silicon Beach,CA With praise hands and heart felt gratitude for the opportunity to serve.     Our assignment became clear, as it evolved in the early 2000's.


Our Mission

Is to become champions in research and product development,
helping our kinsmen from all nations.
This product selection:
With early and regular maintenance can help avoid neurological  disorders and stroke, associated with a weaken immune system and clogged blood vessels.  It just makes preventive sense.
Unclogging waste before it becomes plaque delays brain degeneration.
Keep doing what you love, well the into twilight years.




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Tel: 1 (424) 277-0222