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Here's what happened next.    Hee hee.  I got a cut and style.  I asked friend (Jasondra Gibbs) to come along with to memorialize the event.   We arrived at Studio 5526 in Los Angeles, CA. and was greeted by my dear friend and celebrity stylist Kenneth Martin.    Just think, months ago I serious;y assumed wigs were my only option.  I'm was ecstatic and laughed out loud as my hair fell to the cutting room floor.    I decided to go natural to see what it do. 


 ScalpSmart Solutions

                                                               How to achieve a

Healthy Scalp and Happy Hair

1. Cleanse under the hood 

                                            2. Excavate topical pores 

                                            3. Strengthening work out

                                            4. Nourish daily


Baobab Oil
Black Seed Oil
Cilantro Seeds
Omega's 3, 5 and 6
Vitamins  A B C E F K
Anti Oxidants
  ScalpSmart Hemp Therapeutic Complex
Performs 3 services in 1 jar.
Hot Oil Treatment,
Scalp Exfoliate, and
Strengthening Hair Mask
Rugged and Intense conditioning.  Our hemp and essential oils from Africa and Jamaica deliver protein and vitamin rich fuel to nourish and strengthen as its blob like protocol and ocean salts
excavates scalp surface and pores.

 2  oz.    $15.00 Trial size


 6  oz.  $37.00   Home Care 

24 oz.  $ 75.00 Salon Back Bar

Japanese Steel with Kizure's precision craftsmanship.  Level Up!

Free Shipping


and Barely There Hair

  So you rocking a bald scalp or a   

barely there hair style. 

                        We got you!

     Get with this...  our Hemp Scalp   Therapy and Hair Grooming Serum,

                is Body Heat Activated.

Humidity Blocker with Sunscreen

Its the ultimate Barber, Salon, Home and On The Go,   

Maintenance Tool for a Healthy Scalp.

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