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Poop Health: The Digestive Track Part 1 -Sweet Smelling Poo

Do you have sweet smelling poo? Ah come on, you can tell me. I'm your friendly neighborhood Poop-ologist and Holistic Wellness Coach. I know this is a delicate and private topic to.discuss with a stranger. Just know you are safe here and there is nothing to be afraid of. Poop Health - The Digestive Track- is the body's digestive operation and performance when expelling waste. Poop-ology 101 explores health from the poop perspective. When we understand and manage the body's operating system for digestion and evacuation of waste, you can look forward to sweet smelling poo.

We can agree, the term "sweet smelling poop" is relative to the beholder. The scent of Gerber generated infant poop is far sweeter than a teenager's junk food stool pretending to be a submarine.On the other end of the spectrum, chances are if your poop experience yields less product than expected ,considering the feast you ate yesterday, the scent of the foulest submarine could be considered sweet and welcoming.

My dear friend, Charles Reed is 95' years young and promises to live past 100 years. Quoting his Grandmother, would go on to say: "Don't be silly, acting like Mr. Magoo and Cindy Lu.eating everything you want too!". She taught him the mechanics of digesting food properly and intestinal maintenance. To eat foods that served a purpose, and not for its taste. And that each meal / snack should be digested, completely before the next meal is consumed.

Why is this important? The body is a machine designed to perform all the task, you tell your brain you want to do. Imagine, your body comes complete, with a dash board, sensory control panel, electric current, battery charger, a pump, absorption system, thermostat, intercom system,valves, repair and delivery service, illuminating pixels and so much more....

All these elements are working in sequence, doing what they do. Then all of o sudden everything comes to a jerking halt. No you are not dead! Ya just ate another small snack, before your previous meal had an opportunity to complete its operating cycle. When the digestive cycle is disrupted and new foods are introduced, the programmed restart button is automatically engaged. And the digestive cycle starts all

over again.

What this means to you? #1 Spoiled goods and late delivery of resources! #2 Backed up plumbing. Waste releasing toxins back into the body, unfortunately via the same absorption system meant to carry fresh, already filtered fuel (nutrients) to the appropriate destination. #3 Now these radical toxins travel to the same destination points threatening havoc on all organs and operating systems. And # 4 exposes the gravest danger to good health and longevity. Waste build up. The smear consistency of poop along canal wall, builds up, adding to itself each passage. All because evacuation is delayed until the control panel re sends signal to proceed with exit strategy.

Over time, improper use of your equipment will cause.... Those chronic ailments you like to call HEREDITY.

Certainly, you will have the experience and results of your elders, if you do like they did.

Remember my friend Charles Reed's Grandmother. She lived with all her mobility and faculties in tact, until her death at 109 years old. Charles is a living example of what heredity looks like, when you choose wisdom over taste buds.

The Most High created an intricate and durable fiber to cover our bones. And His technical engineering and micro- mechanics manage several operating system within the body. Being equipped with this tiny bit of information, one might consider, that God's operating manual and maintenance routine for the body would be as equally sophisticated and technical. And that it would require diligent oversight and selective fuel consumption (your job) vs. a taste, gobble and swallow approach to its care. Wouldn't you agree?

I hope your response is a yes, yes!

Its your job to care for the vessel you were born with. Its your job to select the proper fuel for peak performance and longevity. And to manage, food combinations that make up the meal. Monitor and measure consumption and its poop value, meaning: ease, travel time, volume, and frequency .

In closing, My assignment is to take the fear and mystery out of the poop discussion.. To make Poop Health fun, and easy to understand in hopes, that it becomes table talk conversation for the sake of longevity.

For families to pass on generation after generation.

I'm happy to have been selected as the featured contributor for the premiere of our new blog:

FARR ROOTS Global Wellness. We are a team of next generation thinkers and Integrative Health Professionals, dedicated to bio-research and disease prevention. Our collective effort promotes the best, combining 3 evolution's: Ancient Holistic Wisdom, Western Medicine and

Next Generation Technology.

Rainey Daii White, The Poop-ologist and Holistic Wellness Coach


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Resources: Proverbs 4:7.

The King James Bible states: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. The New Living Translation says it this way: Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.

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