ScalpSmart 3 n1 formula is the ultimate spa experience, rugged and intensed!   Our all natural Therapuetic Hemp Complex was design to cleanse, nourish. and replentish the scalp and hair.   Its blob like consistency  escavates years of scalp clogging agents like: hair products and medical residue escreted through prespiration  or rather now lodged in the pores.    As a Hot Oil treatment it soothes  and relieves scalp inflammation.    The Mask strengthens hair by delivering good fuel packed with the finest herbs and esential oils.   Baobab and Black Seed Oil,  Hemp, Fenugreek, Mint Jelly, Cilantro Seeds.  Omega 3, 5 and 6,

Anti Oxidents,  Vitamins A,B C D E  F K.

ScalpSmart Exfolliate

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