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Proper Maintenance Of

The Machine

Called Human Body.

Avoid The Sticky,

Chewy, Creamy and Gooey. 


Consume Clean and Deliverable Fuel.

Drink  Water Daily

1/2 oz. Per 1-LB Of

Body Weight



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Fashion in Yellow


Art Director    Palm Beach, FL

I consume lots of breads, pasta and cheeses. So,  I know its sticky on the inside... 

It just made  sense to add  my head  to my  overall health  regiment.  PlaqXit  2 or 3  times a year does my brain  good!

Customer Service


Head of Sales    Las Vegas, NV

Hearing customer needs is my livelihood. 

I didn't  'realize how much I was missing. PlaqXit  improved my hearing and  I'm hearing and smelling things I never  notice before.. 

Rainey scalp querrkie face 4.jpg


Product Manager    Los Angeles, CA

As product developer and  participant in 2nd round clinical trials,  I had 3 consecutive cycles and  experience remarkable hair growth.  For 5 years I endured barely there hair around the sides with bald patches on the crown.   After Plaq~Xit,   I have hair again and can wear any style I want!!

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