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We're at it again...

Wednesday, October 16, 2019.  Los Angeles, California.  2nd generation Kizure Brands, develops certificate credentialed  therapeutic CBD and host of  holistic hair, skin care, and body calming products for anxiety and pain relief .   First roll out  03/21/2020.   


We're doing things a little east of normal, by 45% degrees.   We've expanded our customer care manifest boasting the tested and proven strand: Charlotte's Web.  As seen on YouTube.


A Natural Transition  as a career product developer.  My arsenal includes being a Holistic Practitioner,  Master of Detox and Poop-ologist.   Its an organic force of nature, that we would develop  therapeutic, pain relief and personal care product lines... 


With that said, I'll admit we're no experts in the CBD arena. We're using the formulation and methods of the people that are!  I will spear head this effort with the utmost care and  diligence.  Although its a costly venture and process, my goal and promise is to never cut corners.        Always to deliver the quality standard held by the Kizure family.


In closing, may our purpose, attitude and results honor God.  


R  ainey Daii   White

 Kizure Brands

 Farr Roots Holistic Lab                                                           



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